I am so excited and blessed!!!! Today Lynx will take the Champion Open and Champion Adult awards for the year!!!! The goal this year was to make it too as many races as I could. There are 12 races a year. You HAVE to make it to 6 to receive awards! I did miss the first race last June due to a big storm. As you might know, Lynx hurt him self March 28, 2020. I was blessed with a backup horse for the last two races! A Splash Of Jet cinched the saddles for the year! Splash is now part of my team!!!!

I could not have succeeded without God guiding me! I always like to say a prayer before my runs and reach out in person to pray with others before a run. God has blessed me with one AWESOME gelding Named Zbar Lynx To Cash. Lynx was born at our ranch. He is the third generation of my hand picked bloodlines. Yes, I also have Perks On The Fly, his maternal brother. So I am SUPER blessed!!! Adding Splash to the team is just icing on the cake!

So as I hook up to my trailer today, to haul to the BRAT ATTACK, All I Can Think IS….How BLESSED I TRULY AM TO BE ABLE TO RUN LYNX THIS WEEKEND!!! Healing up his leg has been hard. He has been giving lessons but not ready to run. Finally, this week, he is growing HAIR on the wound!!! I might have to run him in polo’s on the hind legs but….he is ready!!! He has gotten some good workouts in the last few weeks! Lord, thank you for blessing me with SO MUCH! Thank you for these amazing athletes to ride! Thank you for allowing me to run my own business to provide for my horses!!!! I am so blessed to be able to work from home! Thank you for blessing me with a wonderful husband and child whom encourage me to do what I LOVE!!! Thank you, Lord, for all the gear and the vehicles to get to and from these races! I honestly don’t know how I got to where I am today. Your Presence has infiltrated my life and Blessed me beyond belief!

As I load up today, I thank you for all of my blessings and my rides. I pray for safety for all, in and out of the arena! I pray that ALL OF US remember how BLESSED we are to have the opportunity to barrel race!!!!!! Without YOU, none of this would be possible!!!!!! Please help Lynx and I do the best we can and work together as a TEAM! In Jesus Name, AMEN!


I cannot wait until Friday! I’m super excited! Lynx officially took the title of Champion of the Open and Adult for the year with BRAT Barrel Racing! Friday is awards day!!!!

We started with a goal of making it to as many races as we could. Then COVID hit… two races left and Lynx got in a fight over a fence with the neighbors horses. I was literally points ahead and needed to run the last two races! So I was able to grab up Splash and finish the season on him! Keep in mind, Lynx ran the other 9 races!!! I only missed one race this last season!

I think the biggest shock to me is that my goal was top 10. My goal was go to all of the races and I missed one due to a storm. My horse got injured and I was still able to finish the season. How in the world did all of that work out? My head is still spinning over the reality of what happened!!!!!!

To all the barrel racers out there, I encourage you to set goals. Make a plan. Figure out how to make that plan work. BE FLEXIBLE. Remember that if it’s not God’s plan, you need to look around and adjust! Keep posted to my blog and FB page to see all of the Goodies Zbar Lynx To Cash will bring home this weekend!

Do You Remember?

Do you remember your first horse? How did it happen? What were you thinking on that day? Did it lock you in the horse world forever?

For me, it did. My first horse as a green broke Appaloosa gelding james TJ! He was hard headed and a bit of a jerk but I remember! He was a Christmas present! He was to be brought to the house but the person to haul him lost their truck (stolen) the night before so my folks had to make some extravagant story to get me to the stable! He was in a stall with a half eaten ribbon around his neck! It made me one happy kid!!!!

Rachael and Tejas Jubilee, her first horse in 1993

Last night I had the extreme pleasure and being part of a girl and her first horse!!! I was here to whiteness the joy! She came out to “take a lesson on my new horse” then was told that Suzy Q was actually HER new horse!!!! The sheer joy rolling off that almost 15 year old girl was contagious!!!!! You guys, it helped me remember WHY I do what I do! Why I found a love of horses. Why I love seeing people/kids riding and learning all about horses!!!!!!

Amelia and her first horse Suzy Q! 6/13/2020