Want to try something AMAZING?

Do you have a horse or a dog that is a little sore? Achy? Has inflammation issues? Let’s talk about it! I have all of the above! I started my horse on Summit and just finished the loading dose! I signed up as a dealer and would LOVE to GIVE away a free dose to you! All you have to do is order a loading dose for your horse or dog before May 31st and I will send you a free dose on me!

Summit is an injectable anti inflammatory that is test free and easy to use! Four doses, one every 5-7 days for four doses then one dose every 3-4 weeks after that will help keep your horse or dog comfortable! $33 a dose! This stuff is amazing! I can’t wait until they get it approved for humans!

Just go to Summitjp.com/resbarrelracing and order your loading dose! BEFORE the end of May! I will send out your free dose from my house! No coupon!

Let’s Talk About Being Fat

Not me. Seriously! Let’s talk about getting weight on your horses! As you know, when a horse is working out or running they will burn off calories. They need the fat stores to provide them with the energy they need! Ideally, for a sprinter (barrel horse) I love for them to be a 7 on a scale of 1-10 for body score. This means you cannot see any bones but can feel ribs when you touch them.

Perks on the Fly

The horse shown above is taking a supplement by Core Balance called Developmental Grass Hay. I had to remove traditional feed from his diet. He gets a scoop of rice bran with his Core Balance! He also gets grass or grass hay! He is at, in my opinion, perfect weight!

Core Balance has several different complete supplements including core builder that will help a skinny horse get their groove back! Use my code RM2020CB for a discount on your first purchase! #corebalanceus #resbarrelracing #equinenutrition

God Closes Doors…

Today I found out that Goose and Lynx’s mama is not bred. She should be bred. She is not. I could throw my sucker in the dirt and be mad. But I’m not. Actually, I ok with it. It’s weird. I realize that God had other plans!

Special Project Lynx

God put Splash in my life. He has been trying to put said horse in my life for 4-5 years now. Finally, he closed the door on Roxy so now I can have Splash! Five horses is a lot. Roxy is going home to the ranch. Back down to four horses! But again, I’m not sad! This mare put two on the ground that are awesome horses. Time to keep going with them. ONE DAY I will come across a colt that will have the pedigree of Lynx. ONE DAY. But not today.

My plan is to keep going with my three sound, broke, barrel horses and let Gabe continue to be a pasture buddy. I’m sad he doesn’t have Jennayyy anymore but he will be fine. I have another Bay to tune on and run. Splash is so much fun!!

So I will listen and do my best with what I have. No reason to stress about not having another baby out of the dam of Lynx and Goose. Heck, I have my hands full! So listen up guys. If got closes a door, look for the open window! It’s there!!! Mine is… less horses, less hay and feed. One less to deworm, one less trim, one less to vaccinate…. one less. Granted I did just add Splash to my herd and that was totally unexpected. But God has a plan!