Quiet Humans Make Timid Horses????

The great debate! So I get the idea of having soft hands, correct feet etc. Spurs are an extension of your feet, not go fast torture devices. But have you ever “walked on eggshells” around a horse for fear of them spooking?

So I have a theory that I share with some friends. If you don’t ride your horse like a dead broke, seen it all, sane horse, then you will never get them there. I don’t mean jerking them around. I mean, throw the saddle on them. Don’t be quiet. Talk, dance, sing…. When you pull off the gear, pull it off. Let it hit the ground. I mean, take care of your stuff but don’t be all whisper quiet! The horses need to get used to random stuff too. If you have ever heard me run barrels, yes I said heard me, you would get it. I have tried to run quiet. With my mouth. But, my horse is like “mom? Are you ok?”. So I’m loud. Sorry!

Today we gained photographic evidence of our “horse’n around”! We call it Equine yoga! Needless to say, my horses really put up with a lot! We also carry pop up barrels, poles, ice chests and even chairs around from the saddle. I use my barrel horse to trim tree limbs because he is tall! He is used to them falling on his head! It happens!

So let’s all think about that the next time you go to saddle that flinchy horse!!! Swing wide! #resbarrelracing #resridinglessons #noonefellofftoday

Lemons, life, margaritas?

I have always heard the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” I like to change it to “when life gives you limes, make margaritas”! Let’s be honest here. Lemonade can’t smooth out the day quite like a nice margarita!

But what do you consider lemons or limes? This is a whole other side to the phrase. Some folks think stubbing their toe is enough to throw their sucker in the dirt, so to speak. Well, I walk into walls, doors, trailer bitches 😳 often so much limes come in a different form than most.

For example—> right now I have one horse that got kicked on his cannon bone and is “off”. Another who FINALLY closed up his leg wound and then did something to cause it to just stay stocked up. If I had to guess, he went to run during fireworks and ankle slapped it. I have a race Saturday. LIME. On the plus side, I didn’t pre-enter. Add in the sweet and sour now…. and the section filled up to where I’d basically be up to run during the hottest part of the day… add in triple sec…. and both horses will recover with some time off, maybe a little sweat wrapping and maybe some bute… there is the tequila! My younger horse is not legged up so really… saturday is a wash. But I saved money by not going (ice and salt!!). This is my theory on how to handle those limes…

Funny thing is… God likes to say “wait” and we don’t like to listen. I was just dealing with the one issue then horse 2, whom was my backup (I was going to run him instead) showed his injury. That was my stop sign. I’m not giving up. I’m just going to drink my Rita and wait. God obviously wants me to sit this one out! He is funny like that!

This summer has been different for me. I now have a sun allergy. Yup. That sucks. I’m also really having issues with the heat to the point that I get a mega migraine and then feel horrible. Maybe July is just not good for me this year 🤷🏼‍♀️. So instead of trying to whip up some magical healing potion to make that run on a hot day, I think I will grab those limes… just sayin!

As horse people, we really need to pay attention to what is going on at all times. We need to take care of ourselves as well as our horses. We don’t “have to compete”. We can sit one out. I normally make my cut on Thursday before a Saturday race. That’s today y’all. I called it. I’m not going. Even if both horses magically become 110%… I will drink my Rita and ride at home.

This is all just food for thought really. I see so many horses that are looking a little lame at the race and I just think to myself… why? Why push it? Take care of that horse and I promise, they will take care of you!

Zbar Lynx To Cash

Bubble Wrap is looking like and option!

After several months of doctoring Lynx’s leg, it finally it closed up and growing hair’ yay! However he is “stocked up” in that hind leg. Currently sweat wrapped! We have a race on Saturday. If I can’t get rid of the inflammation… he is out. He is stiff in the back leg. But it is healed!!!’

Splash took a knock to his front right. Lynx had a similar injury in the winter but never was lame. Splash is lame. Swear wrap applied. I swear they need bubble wrap!

Splash’s leg

When life does this to me, I realize I might have to skip a race. It’s sad but I rather have happy healthy horses😎

Lynx’s leg

So when God says “wait” I listen!!!!