Luck is Not My Thing.

I hear it all the time. “good luck!” Sometimes it makes me twitch a little. My circle knows that I don’t depend on Luck. Nope. It’s not luck. The Grace of God is what keeps me going!!!! Let me break this down!

Y’all, I have had a lot of personal injuries and equine injuries. I pray A LOT. Especially before a run. In fact, I really enjoy praying with random people in the warm up. I feel like God made me bold so I could be a light for Him! It’s an overwhelming feeling! I will be warming up my horse and God says “that one” and points me to someone. I have yet to be turned away from prayer! With all of my issues and pain, I have had to change my perspective on life on general. God blessed me with the ability to ride. It’s not luck. I don’t even run to win. I run to run!!!!! I have been told a few times that I would not recover and I would not be able to run. I prayed HARD. God restored me and my doctor released me back to running! I will never take that chance for granted!

When I am on my horse, my focus is to do the best I can for my horse. He will get love and cookies wether we pull a check or not. I will come out of the pen thanking my Horse and My Lord for being with me in the arena and taking care of us! After all, that 1375# equine has a mind of his own! He chose me! God put him with me! I’m so grateful!!!! I’m there for the ride!

Some folks reading this are most likely rolling their eyes saying “but Lynx wins all the time”. No, he doesn’t. But he is a pretty awesome horse! God has blessed me with 3 heart horses! It’s very rare! So why would I think it was luck? No, it’s God’s Grace that has allowed me to have these awesome horses in my life to ride! They get a lot of the credit for my success! God gets all of it! Sometimes I think I have to work really hard to find my groove or to figure one out. Then I pray. It’s amazing how my brain will clear out and the horse’s desire floods my thoughts! I’m not saying it’s easy, but God gave me a gift. So I will do my very best to thank Him every chance I get!

Next time you see me at a race, I prefer to hear have fun! Or run hard! Becsuse luck is not why I am here. I am here because GOD wants me here! I am BLESSED! No matter how I end up in the race, the race of life will be endured with God holding my hand. I pray that you all stay safe, humble, and remember how blessed you truly are to get to run down that alley! 🤟🏻

Mental Health

We all have issues. Sometimes those issues are not outwardly apparent to others. My issue is anxiety. My horses keep me sane in a way that no one else can. Problem is, I can’t avoid interaction when my anxiety takes over. So, instead I surround myself with like minded individuals who understand where I am at when I have an attack. They know that when o have an episode, I need help. I need someone else to fill my shoes and help me to get through it. Anxiety is really hard to understand if you have never experienced it. Many people have it and try to cover it up. I will say that it has crippled me more than once.

Last night, I had a 4 hour episode that I’m sure was compounded over weeks if not months of issues. I felt like my heart might jump ship. I had pain. Lots of pain in my head , chest and arm. No sleep. I did not have random thoughts. It just hit me. I had to breathe through it and finally fell asleep. Lucky for me, I have great friends that stepped in to help me today. Normally, after an attack, I would stay in bed and shut off from the world. That was NOT an option today. But in the end, I realize I have awesome friends! They stepped up to be me. They helped me. They understood. I got the chance to just work with the mare by myself and focus just on that. I needed it. My lesson kiddo was covered and even loped in the big field!!!!

Anxiety is one of those things that is really hard to explain. It’s almost like a seizure. After a bad attack, you are drained. You can’t explain WHY it happened. Sometimes it’s just a compound of life. Sometimes it’s a rainy day. Seriously, anything can set it off. It’s draining. It can be painful. It’s embarrassing. It’s traumatic. However, you can live with it. I don’t think it will ever go away 100%. Learning to manage it is key. I can say that my horses are almost the only thing that can 100% calm me.

With this being said, I’d be happy to offer advice to anyone who is experiencing anxiety. I have lived with it for over 20 years. It is REAL. It can be crippling. And it’s OK. Take a day or two to recover. Write down what your trigger was. Or at least your thoughts leading up to the episode. I have found mindfulness helpful. Reach out!!!!! You are not alone!

A Good Freeze

In Texas, near Dallas, we get a few good hard freezes a year. As a horse owner, this can be a time of distress due to cold temps coming on suddenly and causing colic. We also have to make sure our horses keep drinking even though they do not like the icy water. We add salt/minerals to their diet to ensure their desire to drink is strong. We want to keep them hydrated! I know that a lot of folks in the colder states feel that we are over doing a lot of things. Like blanketing. But the issue is simple. We could have a 40-50 degree temperature drop and rise in one day. Welcome to Texas! Our horses are not likely to be 100% prepared for the rapid changes! So yes, we might sheet or blanket our horses when the temps drop below 40 or we have cold rain/snow as we did already this week!

There are so many benefits to a good freeze! For one, our winter grass depends on these freezing temperatures. Without it, the winter forage cannot thrive. Add in a lack of rain, and guess what? No grass! Our warmer types of grass will die off and without a good freeze, the winter grass will not come into play. This means we have to rely on more hay to keep them satisfied!

Another bonus to a good freeze is killing off pests! It seems I was still utilizing fly spray into November. That is crazy! A good freeze will kill off the flying pests! It also helps to kill the fleas and other annoying bugs. So, even though we don’t like to be cold, we truly need a good hard freeze (or 5) to reset the insect population!

As far as barrel racing goes, I’m a fair weather racer! In fact, I much prefer summer in Texas with temps reaching the 100° plus temps over winter amy day! Why? I can cool down. It’s hard for me to warm up! But we shall trudge on and keep going because, well, in Texas, barrel racing is year round!

So I took a photo of the morning sunrise over the pasture today. I want to remember WHY we need a good freeze! Our high today will reach near 50°. I’m sure we will hit that in a couple of hours. I bet the four legged children will love to shed their blankets and run around like crazy kids soon! My point of this post is simply that a good freeze will benefit us in so many ways. So instead of cursing the cold, we need to embrace it!